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Welcome to Girl Gone Junking!  I’m Carrie Austin Fernandez, a southern girl who grew up in a tiny town in the mountains of North Carolina.

I’m married to my best friend, Mike, and together we are raising up our two sweetest blessings, our son Matthew and daughter Mason.  (the three of them are my M&M’s)

My journey to this little blog has been a long time in the making, and there isn’t anyone more surprised than me that I’m here!

But God does use the least of these!

Why Girl Gone Junking?

Well, I’m the daughter of junkers. Most are unfamiliar with the title “junker” because it exists in rural areas of the South. My parents were famous; however, it certainly wasn’t due to a royal lineage or Hollywood talent. Their fame was gained strictly by their uncanny ability to spot a treasure in the midst of trash. That’s the job of a junker: to single out a rare antique, collectible, or piece of pottery others have discarded or misappropriated.

The search for these treasures took my two sisters and me into the tiny towns and backwoods of western North Carolina, the hollows of Tennessee, the boondocks of Georgia, the podunks of Kentucky, the whistle stops of West Virginia, and the confederate towns of Virginia.

I am a junker. I search for hidden gems literally and figuratively.

You see, I cringe at the thought of paying full price for anything. The only mall you’ll find me in is an antique mall. I’ll choose a thrift store over a high-priced boutique any day of the week. A flea market is my Macy’s; I am simply giddy as I park and make my way into the rows of dealers on an early Saturday morning. Driving by a yard sale sign produces in me a compulsion to stop that is as hard to ignore as fixing an out of place object is for someone with OCD. I simply love the promise of a bargain or good deal.

It’s in my blood, the passion for the hunt.

The same passion drives my thinking, too.

During the journeys of life, mine or others’, my impulse to search, to seek, to find kicks in as strongly as if I’m perusing the aisles of my favorite second-hand store. I go junkin’. I search for God’s treasures in the midst of life’s journeys.

I’ve discovered many treasures along each of my life’s paths: faith treasures, marriage treasures, parenting treasures, and more.  I want to showcase some of of those treasures on this blog.

I’d love for you to join me.  There’s room for everyone here.  I also welcome your comments!

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I hope you’ll be inspired to discover your own life treasures along the way!


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