We Believe…

We Believe…

Since posting a letter I wrote to a local men’s ministry, “Men of Armor,” I have received many requests to post it here, as well.

This is my response to an email we received from a local men’s ministry. The last line of their message reads, “Men, please lead the way by registering to attend with your wife…”

Good morning. While I appreciate the outreach your ministry is providing, the consistent devaluing of women and our roles in marriage and ministry is sad to me and contradicts the life and teachings of Jesus. (I wrote to you previously about my concern over the use of a ministry which included Mark Driscoll)

The last line of an otherwise positive email marginalizes wives and completely ostracizes single moms. Directing husbands to lead by signing up for the seminar for both themselves and their wives implies 1. Wives are not permitted to register for a class without her husband’s covering/permission and 2. Only male lead families need sign up.

Our family believes Jesus is the only leader and high priest of the home.

We believe women are God’s image bearers. He calls us daughter. We believe women are gifted and equipped to lead in all areas of church life and home life.

We do not believe the teachings of male spiritual leaders is biblical as spiritual leader is not a title that appears in the gospels.

We believe God is working to free all of the oppressed and marginalized so we may work as the complete body of Christ to share His good news.

We believe patriarchal hierarchy ended with the new covenant.

We believe we are all free in Christ, and complete freedom can never exist for women in homes and churches when they are taught to follow a man’s leadership instead of the voice of God to which she acquired direct access when the veil was torn.

We believe Jesus put women in a position to lead and teach multiple times in the Bible.

Jesus, God incarnate, was born to a woman, thus setting her up to disciple others for the rest of her life. Jesus admonished his disciples when they tried to intervene and prevent Mary from doing a good work in His name. Jesus ignored many religious and cultural laws when he spoke directly to the woman at the well, giving her the best witness in all of the Bible by allowing her, a woman, to be the first person to whom he revealed himself as the messiah. Jesus showed grace to the adulterous woman, speaking to her alone and directly. He allowed the hemorrhaging woman to touch His garment, and instead of reprimanding her for not coming to him under the covering of her husband, He heals her. The people to discover the empty tomb were women. The first person Jesus appears to post resurrection…women.

God calls for His daughters to be brought to Him, not pushed further away from Him. Elevating men above women who are equal creations of the same God is dangerous.

We will not support a ministry that attempts to reconstruct a veil of male authority, thus separating God’s daughters once again from their father.

I’m happy to have constructive dialogue with you about this topic. I feel as passionate about the dangers of patriarchal ministries as you feel about the importance of men armoring up. I feel I’m directed by the Holy Spirit to speak out against teachings which place anyone other than Jesus is places of leadership/authority in women’s lives.

Humbly His,
Carrie Fernandez

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