God Is Still Viable

God Is Still Viable

This article showed up on my feed today.

To The “Never Trumper”- A Biblical Case For Trump

The following is my response to the approach of the article, which I find more dangerous than the author’s actual support of Donald Trump. It is a faith shaming/bullying tactic I saw used during the last election, with articles surfacing and floating around social media with phrases like, “people who vote for Obama must not be hearing from God.”

I found the approach divisive then, and I find similar articles with the same approach divisive today.

This article and others like it are dangerous. Removing scripture, God’s holy word, from its context and loosely tying it to the context of this or any other political race is horrifying to me.

Biblical teaching about justice is comprehensive and does not rest on a single verse or text.

The author’s revolt over the idea of Trump running a church but his acceptance of him running our country arises from a convoluted twisting of the good word of the gospel which is a tactic used over and over again in history to perpetuate morally corrupt institutions, like slavery and segregation and to oppose women’s rights.

It’s a strategy used to instill fear and to make it difficult to express an opposing view. By wrapping his views in verses and scripture and phrases like “morally right choice” and “Biblical choice,” believers are made to feel any alternative view is not Biblical or moral, and that simply IS NOT TRUE!

What a sad perspective…”Trump is our only viable option for rescue.”

Really? What about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God is still all powerful. God is still viable.

And God still resides in each of us as believers. We, as the body of the church, its hands and feet, are viable options. A single man or woman is not.

So Christians, do not fall into this trap of faith shaming and bullying. Pray without ceasing, be still and wait for the Lord, and vote your vote, trusting that God is still our only redeemer and He, not any human leader, will be exalted among nations and ultimately, among the world.

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