Practicing What I Preach

Practicing What I Preach

While I will never uphold Hillary Clinton as a perfect presidential candidate, I will vote for her knowing I can talk openly and without discomfort to my children about her mistakes and stances that I do not personally support.

I can look in my children’s eyes and talk about her mistake in using an unauthorized email server.

One day I can talk openly with them about abortion and the sacredness of life even when some choose to support the Supreme Court’s ruling for choice.

I can talk about mistakes made during high pressure life-and-death situations like war.

I can also talk about her long history of fighting for women and children globally. I can talk about her commitment to service to our country. I can share with them her time as First Lady and Secretary of State.

Yes, I am completely comfortable looking my children in the eye and having these conversations.

What I am grateful I will not have to do is look my young son and daughter in the eye and justify a decision to support a man who has no respect for half of God’s creation.

I will not have to stand beside their father as I try to explain my support for a candidate who talks about affairs and broken marriages without remorse.

I will not have to validate my vote for a man who chose to appear in a soft-core porn video featuring Playboy playmates. A man who frequented their mansion as a guest.

I will not have to explain to my children why I worked to elect a man who participated in vile, vulgar interviews on Howard Stern. Interviews where he answered questions like, “Did you want to bang her?” A question which referenced a then 12 year old Paris Hilton.

And another appearance where he phoned in while his girlfriend sat naked beside him as he answered very personal and sexual questions about her, questions posed by another man in an objectifying, lewd manner.

I will never have to explain the dishonor a vote for Trump would cause to my dad’s military service.

A man who accounted for his lack of participation in the draft by referring to his ability to avoid STD’s as his “own personal Vietnam.” A man who dishonored a Gold-Star family.

I will never have to walk the tight rope of hypocrisy by teaching my children respect and decency yet voting for a man who has neither.

A man who makes fun of the handicapped.

A man who vilifies whole races and religions.

A man who name calls and stereotypes.

A man who calls himself a follower of Christ but has never repented; a man who believes he is too good for Christ’s redemptive blood.

A man who never takes ownership or responsibility but blame-shifts his way out of his mistakes.

A man who makes questionable comments about his own daughter.

A man who berates women based on their physical appearance.

A man who objectifies and overly sexualizes women as in this recently discovered interview.

A man who glorifies in his “right” to grope/assault women’s genitals.

A man who boasts in his privilege to prey on women, even the married , so long as they’re beautiful.

A man who uses language so offensive news outlets are having trouble covering the interview without violating rating restrictions.

Nope, I will never have to explain my support for a man the very likes of whom I use as examples for my children of how not to conduct themselves.

And one day when they can search and read/watch things like this interview for themselves, I will rest in knowing they will never come to me with confusion in their eyes and a single question on their lips about my vote, “Why?”

No, this election year I will teach my children what it means to practice what you preach, even at the ballot box.…/wapo-donald-trump-billy-bush-ca…/

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  1. Marcia Payne
    Oct 8, 2016

    Amen!! Very well said!!!

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