Pro-Life Not Pro-Trump

Are you pro-life but anti-Trump?

This article will hit home with anyone who is against Donald Trump but who is also pro-life.

Aligning oneself strictly with a party who attaches itself to a prolife platform doesn’t necessarily mean that party follows through on their stance, as the statistics in the article prove.

The CDC shows abortion rates to be at their lowest since 1973 under Obama. Rates have dropped every year under his presidency, while historic highs occured during back to back Republican presidencies.

Voting Republican does not guarantee the protection of the unborn. As a voice for the voiceless, prolifers need to go beyond the ballot box to the research which shows what effectively reduces abortion rates among women. We also need to hold the people accountable who run on the platform but have no follow-through once in office.

Please take a moment to read this article. NC is a battleground state, and the author, a NC resident, makes some very important points.

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